One Taste

Released at: March 20, 2019 by Girlsway
Lena Paul asks Kendra Lust to put some panties on, she's a grown woman and should have some self-respect. But Kendra just doesn't care. To prove her point, she grabs Lena's hand and puts it on her wet pussy. Lena can't believe how good it tastes! Since they've been fucking, Riley Reid and Mindi Mink have yet to label their relationship. Riley tells Mindi she has deep feelings for her and needs to know how she feels. Mindi spends the rest of the day cleaning and trying to figure out what she's going to tell her stepdaughter. When Lyra Law checks the browser history, she realizes Mona Wals has been watching porn. The funny thing is, Mona is doing the exact same thing in her room. When they confide in each other that Girlsway has the best stepmom daughter scene Mona suggest that maybe they could watch one together. When Elena Koshka is looking at her teacher, Reena Sky wearing a low-cut shirt like that, it's pretty clear that it's distracting enough for her not to be able to focus. Elena's mom, India Summer offers the teacher an ultimatum: she could fuck her stepdaughter or she is going to march down to the principal's office and report her.

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