Oral Pur

Released at: April 19, 2021 by Genuine Films
Some women have a perfect attitude towards men are eager to please them. But don't be fooled, the women we recently met during a cumshot casting to scout for new cum starlets ended-up with great auditions. Please meet our cum starlets, Yuki, Yeilin, Natalia, Rayanna, and Aleksa. Some have skinny bodies and small tits, while others have a perfect full body with big tits and a great ass. They all share a great appetence of blowjobs, handjobs, and they are ready to pump cum out of big cocks. Tit cumshots, oral cumshots, or plain cumshots, they all did their best for their first cumshot audition.

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Yuki Mori

Scene2: 00:17:35 - 00:36:15 (18:40)

Scene3: 00:36:17 - 00:51:44 (15:27)

Scene4: 00:51:46 - 01:10:56 (19:10)



Scene5: 01:10:58 - 01:20:45 (9:47)