Orgasm Sampler 8

Released at: January 28, 2010 by Femorg
Another great orgasm compilation disk featuring scenes only available on this DVD! New cummer Renee premieres here, and Felicia Fallon's famous pool table orgasm is just phenomenal--this scene alone makes this DVD one to have! First up is a new-cummer Renee! She's looks sexy in a short little jean skirt with black and white panties peeking through. Renee makes herself comfortable on the bed and pulls off her skirt as she rubs her clit right through her panties. After a bit, Renee sits up on the bed and takes off her top too; I think she likes bows because her top had a bow and panties and bra do, too! Renee removes the bra showing off her perky natural A-cup breasts then she takes a sip of wine. Renee leans back on the bed, this time reaching her hand into her panties before taking them off completely. She has a nice little airstrip patch of hair at the top of her cooch and a clit piercing. Renee works a bit of lube in and around her pussy and then she reaches for a really unique vibe--that looks a bit like an egg vibe attached to a spoon handle. Renee enjoys the vibe, rocking her hips up and down; occasionally she inserts the end of the vibe into her pussy, too. Renee lets out a lusty moan and that inserts the vibe deep into her pussy, gyrating and rolling it around and up and down. Her legs spread wider apart as she moves the toy up to her clit, keeping it stationary now, until she moans and her pussy and perineum contract in a rolling orgasm. Renee moves the toy up and keeps it going on her clitoris until she cums again. Pretty twenty-two-year-old brunette Codi Carmichael is up next. She pulls her green tank top down to expose her large, enhanced breasts and then she removes her red boy shorts allowing us a glimpse of her completely shaved pussy. Codi is seated on a futon. She licks her fingers then reaches for a little purple pocket rocket. Codi giggles and enjoys the toy, often lifting her feet off the floor and hissing. She keeps the pocket rocket pointed directly on her clit and her nipples are large and somewhat puffy. Codi reaches her hand back above her head and grabs hold of the back of the futon ... she's getting close now, she's moaning, spontaneously opening her mouth and her cooch is flushing red. With the toy still placed directly on her clit, Codi begins to quiver and part her cooch lips (which is the first time I noticed the tampon string). Codi continues to enjoy the toy, readjusting as she goes. It takes her a bit of time, but with one leg up and one leg down, Codi starts to really quiver, shake and moan. Her orgasm is tough to spot because she is gyrating a bit, but her big smile afterwards is sweet. In what is quickly becoming a very famous, snapping orgasm for us, we feature Felicia Fallon! This scene is great and it is from Felicia's first-ever adult shoot. She is perched on a pool table with her skirt hiked up and a dolphin vibe buzzing directly on her clit. Felicia runs the toy around her completely shaved pussy and places it directly on her clit, kinda reaching one hand around her leg as the other pulls back on her pussy mound. Felicia dips her finger into her pussy juices spreading the juice across her bits. Felicia begins to pant and moan, now reaching both hands down on her clit and pussy with the toy. Felicia says, "mmmm" and lets out a small moan or tow, and then her pussy literally starts snapping in orgasmic contractions! She cums and cums with tons of visible contractions. She giggles and pants and chats with the other girls afterwards. Buxom, pretty brunette Rebecca is featured in a hands-on scene next. She is seated and spread across the chair, watching a porno on the television as the videographer rubs her clit. They try a vibe, but Rebecca doesn't think it will be strong enough. So, the videographer reaches for the magic wand as Rebecca steals glances at the television. The magic wand is adjusted and worked on her clitoris for a moment or two before Rebecca wants to change toys back to her favourite vibe. Rebecca takes over working with her favorite vibe as the videographer strokes her leg and thigh. Rebecca's breasts are contained in a bright blue bra and just mounding on her chest. She reaches two hands down to her small-lipped pussy to spread her lips, then goes back to just working the toy on the side of her clit. Rebecca is really spread-out across the chair and it takes her a bit to find her sweet spot, but she in undeterred, her hips rising as the toy goes across her clitoris. Rebecca does find that sweet spot and she lets out just a little moan, which is followed by next contractions. She moistens her fingers and rubs them over her sensitive clit. The sexy nineteen-year-old brunette Jewels is laying on the bed with a pink skirt up around her waist as she buzzes her clitoris with a pink vibe through a pair of red panties. Jewels looks really sexy and enjoys the sensations for quite a while through the panties before finally removing them and showing off her reddened pussy. The pink vibe isn't quite strong enough, so Jewels switches to a little pocket rocket--tiny, but focused power. Jewels lifts her bum off the bed a bit, scrunching her feet into the bed cover. Her hips begin to rise and fall more rhythmically until she pulls her knees up, so that her feet are off the bed and the pocket rocket is going round and round on her clitoris. Jewels is getting nicely wet as her left-hand spreads her pussy lips wide apart and her toes begin to curl. Jewels lets out a series of very soft moans as her pussy pulsates in orgasm. She turns her head to look at the camera and lightly smiles as she dips a finger into her wetness. The camera zooms in for a close-up her red and wet pussy.

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