Original Theatrical Trailer for The Last Word In Sex Trailer

Released at: July 31, 2014 by Hotline
  • Studio: Hotline
  • Duration: 00:02:00
  • Production year: 1981
  • Scene count: 1
  • Cast:
View the original theatrical trailer for the The Last Word In Sex, a classic film that has been made available here on VOD for the first time. Shot entirely in Paris and narrated by star of stage and screen Scott Baker, it has a distinctly European feel to it. The movie chronicles the life of a philandering family. The dad is a gynecologist who boffs every patient that comes in his office. The step-mother is a horny blonde(with a striking resemblance to Juliet Prowse) who is taken to helping her young step-daughter, Yasmine, the innocent but willing ingenue, to exact revenge on her cheating boyfriend. It is a smart and sexy adult film brimming with spirited sex scenes.

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