Our Brother Our Cuckold

Released at: September 16, 2015 by Desperate Pleasures
Dear Diary, it happened! My stepdad and I fucked, and it was perfect. Afterwards, when I was alone, my stepbrother came to me and told me how he saw, and if I don't do something for him, he's ratting me out to our mom! Ugh. Mom was so pissed the first time, she seriously can't find out! You won't believe what Miles wants from me in return. Apparently he "really enjoyed the show," and wants another first-row ticket, only this time he wants to "clean up the mess." At first I was shocked, but he thought of my stepbrother being my cuckold really turns me on! XOXO, Jenni Dear Diary, My stupid stepbrother actually admitted to me that he sneaks into my room to read my diary, and read about how I fucked my stepdad. He said that he's always wanted to be a cuck, and asked if he could be my cuck with my stepdad. Of course, I said yes! I can't wait to make his pathetic, sneaky ass clean up stepdad's cum! XOXO, Akira

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