Our First BBC Party

Released at: February 23, 2021 by Pornstar Platinum
Devaughn said he had a surprise that would blow my mind and he was right! Terrell and his girl Aiko Liezl have been wanting to have a foursome for a while and of course I was down with that. In no time we all jumped in bed and got down to some serious fucking and sucking. It felt so amazing getting double dicked by to black cocks. Aiko and I will be basking in this experience for a long time. We all want "the friend with benefits" thing, but I want it with two hung guys that can't wait to bend this white girl over. Davaughn and Terrell have been looking for a cute Pawg like me and I have been looking for two big dicks like theirs. Getting fucked from behind and having a cock in my mouth is exactly what this white chick was looking for. We are doing it right in my bathroom too! When we are all done I can wash off! I'm here with my good friend Sara Jay, just talking cause I'm trying to get over a bad break up with my ex lover. At the same time this cute guy who goes by the name of Shaundam, is working on my WIFI. As I'm talking to Sara Shaundam indicates that the WIFI work is all done and he will need a payment. Well I head to the other room to find my check book, and by time I get back Sara already has his is big beautiful black cock out and is sucking it, omg! Well, what do I do? I am single now, and he has a nice big cock, and Sara looks fucking hot too. Before you can blink I'm right there with Sara sucking his big massive cock, watch as Shaundam fixes the WIFI and my desire to get fucked in this awesome threesome, Interracial hardcore scene! Hi all, so good to be here with you & with Joslyn James. So I'm here on the bed just making out with Joslyn & in walks Will Tile, I wonder what he wants. We both know exactly what he wants! Come over here Will, lets just get right into it! How is it hangin' Will? Hangin' nice and long we see, half way down to your knee, hehehe! Lets get this big long rod out of your pants so we can suck it & fuck it good! Sit back fans & enjoy a hot fucking interracial threesome! I love big long black cocks & hot sexy women, please watch hope you love it!

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