Outdoor Masturbation 1

Released at: March 20, 2009 by James Girls
Staci - The scene was so tranquil and Staci wanted to get off again before the sun set and we would have to leave. Well who am I to say no to this hot hitch hiker. This scene is all sex. Staci starts naked and goes from there. She uses a pocket rocket on her clit and a blue vibrator in her pussy. Natasha - Natasha is a feature dancer friend of mine and she approached me about shooting some video. Natasha reminds me of a hot and nasty Marilyn Monroe. She is the ultimate show off and she loves for people to see her perform. This performance was just for me and my camera. She is very sexually liberated and loves to masturbate. So I gave her the opportunity to do it outside with the birds' chirping and cars going by on the road in front of my place. In this sequence Natasha uses her fingers and then a pocket rocket to get herself off a couple of times.

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