Oye Loca No. 7

Released at: January 10, 2012 by Team Skeet
We've got 5 spicy dishes for you to choose from and each is guaranteed to please. This is the seventh installment to the series "Oye Loca". Adriana Vega is one hot Latin chick that gets picked up in a parking lot. Her car broke down, her car doesn't get fixed but she does. Then Angee Ariza, a sexy redhead with a nice shaved pussy. Carolina Santana is found jogging. They want to see if she has the stuff to be in the club show tonight and man she's got it alright. Crissy Montoya is bored, just wandering the streets. So she and her boyfriend decide to get filmed for the first time. Wendy Romero shows off her hot body in her lingerie and starts off masturbating.

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