Painful Sorority Initiation

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Galaxy Productions
Talk about out-sourcing jobs and gigs. Usually, the sorority girls can have their own fun and not take new recruits to the Savage, for the college fun and games. Guess the girls will have to get their own lacrosse team. So, exercising discretion, Jane is sent to the master. She looks like she works in the library. Wide eyed, fresh face, long brown hair, looks like a real college girl. And, of course, Savage is Savage. And a southern belle sweetie, too? Her task, if she wants acceptance into her twisted sisterhood, is to do a shoot with the master. Can you say, "cat ate the canary" look?? Oh, so he's doing it as an actual side job now?? What a lucky fuck. Jane won't be pure for much longer. Dictated terms and conditions, she should hire Lee Steinberg. A white bra and panties set, vanishing quickly and she looks very nice. Workable thighs and hips, so important in the scene. Can't tell yet, if the landing strip is bare or occupied. A newbie portrayed, so Savage starts her out slowly. Try to get her to lose all conscious thought. Then, she'll be mettle for the maker's hand. Right at a handful of tits. Very firm and proud with no sag at all. Tit whacking with the cat and he snaps in some sharp ones on the rookie. This chick can take a wallop. Not one whimper yet and he's banging on her. Massage now, what he mauled. Technique seems to work nicely. She is actually smiling and only flinched when he nailed her across the belly meat. Gotta give Savage props---he gets the maximum impact with minimal effort. It's all in the wrist. Great floor view here. You can count the stubbles on Jane's armpits. Have to admit, Savage does dress for the part, eh?? He is an artiste on those ropes. Jane could be an alligator wrestler, on the side, given her tolerance for pain. She took the cat, how about the crop?? Not a problem with a series of quick, short ones to her girl folds. Now, for the buttocks. Lot of meat to slap there. Make her turn like a figurine doll, nice. He is precise with his roping. We'd need a slide rule to have his accuracy. Glad he's not charging by the hour. Behold, his finished masterpiece, to be topped off with an ass- cheek parfait. Jane does have a lovely ass, very round, even wide, but poundable from any angle. Red clothespins, perfectly jutting out from her pinched nipples. She's still smiling. Might as well make the hogtie complete and quite a red-ball gag we have. New panties, silky white, reflecting light. They are panties of purity. She passed, with flying colors, so to speak, as the crop exam was taken like a champ. Very smooth, shiny, even glistening ass cheeks Jane has, very lickable and smoochable. More super camera work on the impact zone. Gotta get some kind of shriek out of her. Let's try the leather paddle. The only area left is the raw and bald pussy. Blue fasteners contrast nicely with the red ball as he's decorating again. Ten clamps, perfectly placed, look at that spacing.!!!!! When he turned on that vibrator, it roared like a Veg-a-Matic. Her present posture seems to yield some bastinado from the corduroy cat. Being full of surprises, Savage gives us some "asstinado." She has remained mute throughout. A follow- up visit to her home and the much-anticipated cunt slapping begins in earnest. Jane reacts now, but they're moans of pleasure. What the hell is that thing?? Its a friggin' truck chain prying her beef lips wide apart and a nipple chain too and she still enjoys and does not freak. He could yank that thing like starting his lawn mower and she wouldn't scream. Savage shows us the rope he intends to use in this year's "America's Cup." And a bonus, interview trailer to boot. Rough-looking red head. But cute too. If that's a teaser for more, we're in.

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