Painful Tutoring

Released at: March 23, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
It's Simone's second chance to give a talk about 'Sweden' as a part of her intermediate exam in geography. The week before, when she failed miserably in the same matter, Headmaster Tom showed himself kind enough to give her a further chance. But what a disaster, Simone didn't get the message! 23 million people live in Sweden? Iceland is a neighboring country?? The capital of Sweden is Hamburg??? Well Simone, you have missed an opportunity!! And no lenience from Headmaster Tom this time. He clearly knows what's wrong with this girl, an evident case of lack of motivation. Only seconds later Simone finds herself prone on a bench, with her bottom uncovered for a harsh spanking with the leather tawse. The laptop is right under her nose for giving a recitation of Sweden, loud and clear, mixed with her hue and cry every time the tawse hits her naked bottom!

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