Painting Pamela

Released at: September 10, 1999 by Legend
Drake is a painter who has decided to hire a nude model for a session. But Drake gets more than he bargains for as he slips into a series of daydreams fantasizing about forbidden sex. His vivid sexual imagination takes him to the tomb of an ancient priestess who, although dead for two thousand years, is awaked by a hunky explorer and uses him for her own pleasure. A striking cat-woman is alone in the desert where it is hardly as hot as her tantalizing dance. A couple finds themselves lost and thirsty for one and other while a magical fairy seduces a hunk in an enchanted forest. The girls need to cool off in the heat of the unforgiving sun but find themselves even more irresistible than cool outdoor shower. Unable to resist the temptation of his sizzling young model Drake abandons his canvas for some final, penetrating, hands-on artistic exploration of her luscious body.

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