Palace of Sin

Released at: October 23, 2000 by Dreamland U.S.A.
Most big cities have a movie theater like the Palace. It was built in the golden era of movie exhibition, the 1920s. The grand ornate Palace began to deteriorate along with the old downtown area until in the 1970s it was reborn as an adult movie theater. Jessie has worked in the Palace as the projectionist for 20 years. He came to the city as a young man and promptly fell in love with adult movies and with the star of that first movie he saw. Through his eyes, we still see the progression of the adult movie business and how the movies he has run have affected him in his personal life. It is now the last night for Jessie, for the Palace, and for an era in adult entertainment. Can dreams come true once the curtains are lowered for the last time?

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