Pandora Dreams

Released at: March 28, 2009 by Magic Moments
Pandora is an Alaskan beauty with a killer 36-25-36 body, real D-cup breasts and a tiny bush. She gets on her bed and shows you her large stash of toys! Then she picks up her favorite one, licks the head and shaft of her huge toy before giving it a good tittie fuck! Then, you'll love it when she shakes her massive jugs right in your face before giving them a soothing massage. Pandora grows hornier with each passing second, and the camera zooms in to show you the huge wet spot on her pretty pink panties! On the bed again, she pulls aside her panties and spreads her sweet little pussy wide open for deep, juicy inside views! Then, there's more hot breast play as she licks and rubs her succulent nipples! But now its time to get serious and using one of her wonderful toys, she teases her throbbing clit to swollen ecstasy before plunging it deep inside her hungry hole! Her pussy's so wet, a glob of thick girl-cream oozes out and flows to her ass hole! She uses her own juices to massage her tight butt hole! Then, on all 4's she fucks herself hard, urging more of her honey to leak out! Then, with her toy on high speed and pumping hard, you'll hear loud moans as she surrenders to an incredible gooey orgasm!

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