Panochitas Vol. 3

Released at: March 22, 2000 by Diabolic Video
Big breasted, tight bodied Hazel has such a tiny pussy that Lexington has trouble fitting all of his monster shlong in it! They definitely enjoy fucking and sucking on each other! Petite, horny whore Vivian wants to show her appreciation for American cock by sucking Lex and Vince off in a double blowjob! Lovely, young Latina Susanna gets fucked by Vince and shows that she has no fear of cum. She readily drinks the hot load of sperm from his hard cock. Natalia, with the perfect heart-shaped ass is a beautiful, exotic lady. She gets the shit fucked out of her on a rock by a river. She has obviously never had a dick the size of Lex's, but she sure knows what to do with it! Mugrosita Genesis is a well experienced whore! She keeps Vince on the edge and gives him a good ride! Suelta Angie is so hot that she gets Lex off right-away! Luckily, Vince is nearby to come in and give her another pounding. Can this girl get enough? Jovenista Andrea is the Panochita del Mes! This girl is beautiful to look at. Lucky dog Vince does the honors and gives her luscious mouth a load of cum. These hot, horny whores are all first timers! They give it their all and then some! There is a lot of action packed in this movie; tight pussies, blowjobs, and cumshots galore! We are sure that you will enjoy what we have captured. Thanks for watching...the gang at Diabolic 2001 AVN Award Nominee for "Best Ethnic-Themed Series"

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