Panochitas Vol. 7

Released at: April 12, 2001 by Diabolic Video
Fresh, Baby-faced Marilyn gets the shit fucked out of her by Vince in a cow pasture! She finishes by swallowing his hot load! What a cutie! Shy, Sex Kitten SOPHIA goes two rounds (one with Lex and one with Mike John). She happily eats two loads of hot, sticky cum! Sexy Latina Angie fucks the director (Mike); This dirty little whore gets a hard ride and a mouthful of cum! Ebony Fuck Tart Stephanie steams it up with Lex. This girl gets ridden long and hard and she enjoys every inch of her trip! What a champ! Well experienced Slut Samantha is taken back by the size of Lexington's monster cock. She gets plowed by both Vince & Lex and earns two hot loads of sperm for her thirsty lips! Lovely Latin Cindy is served up a filling helping of the Lex Dong! After she finishes her meal, Lex generously rewards her with a face showered in cum! All of these young Latinas are natural breasted and true video virgins! Some of these girls have probably never seen a video camera till now... Now that is as Fresh as they come! Thanks to Mike and the gang for bringing us another incredible movie! Try other movies from the Panochitas series. The Gang at Diabolic

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