Panty World 12

Released at: September 11, 2000 by Dane Productions
**Teacher** **Elle DeVyne/JackHammer** As a felon on probation, he had to make grades to stay out of jail. If he couldn't make them by studying, he'd find another way. **Photographer** **Dahlia** After a few lingerie shots, he shot some nudes with my consent. He said he'd show my family. There was no way out... but to satisfy his primal urges. **First Audition** **Jayne/Rod Fontana** She expected a photo shoot, but got a little more than she bargained for... a lot more. **Euro Call Girl** **Nicolle/W. Michaels** A high class Hungarian call girl, a fetish for panties, and a wealthy john - all ingredients to an erotic visual journey that would stimulate a dead man. **Autobiography of a Panty** **Wendi Knight/Melanie Stone** Its tough being a panty. Pussies rubbing against you all the time. Covering girl's asses all day is a real bitch... What the hell, it's a living. **Retribution** **Azlea/John West** When her husband was out of town, her and her boyfriend were ready to play.

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