Pantyhose Pleasures

Released at: September 1, 2007 by Jewell Marceau Productions
Jewell shares with you the different facets of her life where she dawns her sexy black and suntan pantyhose under her sexy clothes. Join Jewell as she shows off in her towering 6 inch heels, massages her poor, tired feet after a hard days work, and as she finds time to masturbate with her pantyhose on her break, and then she finds a gigantic dildo to fuck herself with through the gaping whole in her pantyhose! Can Jewell really fit an entire pair of pantyhose inside of her tight little love tunnel? Find out for yourself! Stick around and don't miss a beat if you want to hear Jewell sexually dominate your orgasm and tell you exactly where she wants you to shoot your load! This movie is sheer excitement for every pantyhose, high heel, and barefoot lover!

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