Pantyhose Worship

Released at: September 19, 2012 by Dorothy Laine Productions
Kelsie Chambers lures Andrea Neal into her hot little clutches in three long scenes of pantyhose worship. "The Massage" gives Kelsie the opportunity of a lifetime - massaging Andrea's beautiful pantyhose-clad legs and feet! In "The Job Interview", Kelsie makes it very clear that Andrea needs some extra training in how to properly kiss her boss's feet. And, Kelsie is "The Customer", who makes Andrea model several pairs of pantyhose in front of her, eyeing Andrea's beautiful legs and feet all the while.

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Scene1: 00:00:49 - 00:11:25 (10:36)

Scene2: 00:11:35 - 00:28:38 (17:03)

Scene3: 00:28:47 - 00:41:46 (12:59)