Part Time 3: Poker Game

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Gwen Media
Two friends decide to turn a simple evening of poker playing into an intense session of servitude and bondage. Winner takes all! The movie begins with Jewell Marceau losing a hand of strip poker to Eden Wells and becoming Eden's slave for the night. Jewell is promptly handcuffed and the two big breasted vixens head into the living room where the collared and leashed is compelled to suck her mistress' toes and give her an oral orgasm. This scene has some great shots of Jewell's fantastic ass outlined in lace white panties as well as lots of Eden's perfect C-cups. The next scene sees our buxom brunette hogtied at the foot of Eden's bed for a long night of sleep. There's some groping of Jewell's jugs and a lot of whimpering as the sub gets ready for her fate. Scene 3 sees Jewell tied to the bed, spread eagle, with Eden grinding her pussy on the brunette's face as she gets ready for work. Eden looks incredible, bespecatcled and in business attire. Jewell is equally-gorgeous as we can see her box for the first and only time in this film in its full glory. Eden ropes a Hitachi Magic Wand to her plaything's clit and sets a timer so that Jewell can feel pleasure but never cum - when Eden comes home several hours later Jewell is drenched in beads of sweat panting for an orgasm. The kind mistress allows this, and Jewell writhes in pleasure. For the final two scenes, Jewell is decked out in latex head-to-toe with the exception of some time spent naked in the closet. She even washes Eden's body in the shower while fully-clothed in the plastic stuff. Jewell is puppy-trained by her mistress as the one day of servitude lost in the original bet has gone on for over a year.

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