Personal Touch

Released at: August 18, 2017 by Massage Rooms
George's experienced hands eagerly worked their way around Erica's tight tanned 20 year old body and every touch was acknowledged with a moan of approval from the black haired beauty, encouraging him to go harder and longer. Erica's body is divine, her pert breasts are a marvel and her sexy little waist with that juicy bum is simply horny to look at to say the least. Once George and her were getting oiled and passionate, her sexual appetite was also evident and it stood proud and loud, just like George's stiff cock. The moment Nick walked into the Massage Rooms for his treatment there was a noticeable connection between himself and his masseuse Cristin, both their eyes lit up as they saw each other for the first time, it was one of those rare moments in life when you feel like you have met someone before and feel an immediate sense of calm and kindred spirt. It didn't stop there, Cristin proceeded to enjoy every minute of the sensual massage she gave Nick thus working herself up into such a sexual frenzy she could barely contain herself. When the time came and they joined their naked bodies together in sexual bliss it became a cacophony of excitement, sexual desires and outright hardcore fucking! Three more stimulating massage fantasies complete ~~Personal Touch~~.

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