Perverted Stories 20

Released at: August 30, 2019 by JM Productions
~~Bloodbath~~ The nightclub was empty and Jessica found herself alone, wandering through the cavernous darkness. Then they arrived, with sharp fangs and hard cocks, they violated her every orifice as the blood cascaded around them. ~~Valley of the Dolls~~ It's hard being a PA for the studios. You have to constantly go searching for whatever props the director needs. But this little PA definitely was not ready for what she found. Something was wrong with the studio ventriloquist dolls. Something definitely wrong. And they wanted a piece of her ass. Top this one, Chuckie! ~~The Human Plunger~~ All her life, Christgen had been seeking a man who would treat her with respect. Treat her like a lady. Finally she had found a man. He was incarcerated, so she lived out her fantasies through a pen-pal relationship. How she longed for the romantic that was about to be released from prison. NEWSFLASH, BITCH! He wasn't in prison for nothing. Maybe dunking your head in the toilet will snap you back to reality. ~~When Irish Eyes Are Shining~~ Irish lore is full of legends of gnome-like creatures called leprechauns. Well, this ain't no legend, as little Alexandra is made to suffer the consequences of an enraged little green man with an extremely hard pecker.

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