Perverted Stories 22

Released at: October 28, 2019 by JM Productions
Strawcock: The way those corn stalks are moving, there's more than just wind blowing in the fields. Some say there's something wicked out in the cornfield. That's what our Polish visitor discovers when her visit to the country involves meeting a certain straw man. The Devil Made Her Do It: Based on a true story of possession, this remarkable epic involves a young woman and an evil spirit that takes over her body. This demon makes her do disgusting and filthy things that you will have to watch to believe. Watch in shock as two courageous televangelists attempt to fuck the devil out of her. A classic confrontation of good vs. evil. Smells Like Fish - Taste Like Chicken: When JJ is compelled to work in the solitary oyster shucking room he discovers a very strange and magical oyster. Its mouth is deeper than any oyster he has ever seen. But does it have a pearl? Don't Look In The Closet: Little Jade is awakened by the sounds of moaning... and a strange beating noise from her closet. Is it just a dream? There couldn't be anybody in her closet. She didn't believe in boogie men. Tonight will change that. Because tonight she'll find out what her holes are for!

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