Pet Taggers

Released at: January 25, 2021 by Penthouse
Beautiful artist Ava has an empty canvas and is having difficulty deciding what to cover it with when she is distracted by Chad, who has his own ideas. His ideas start with eating her bushy pussy out, then, ever the gentleman; he offers her his cock, which she hungrily accepts. After all that eating they're ready for a workout of cowgirl ? both ways ? some spooning, and mish, to covering Ava's lovely body canvas with Chad's art medium of choice, his man juice! A masterpiece! A true artist must possess passion, but in Samantha's case sometimes it possesses her, especially when Danny helps bring out that passion. He starts by licking her wet shaved pussy. Then Samantha can't wait to get Danny's big cock in her mouth before hopping on top for some cowgirl. Danny gets passionate and flips her over to help himself to some doggy, then another flip to mish before a passionate pop to her belly. Mmmm. Michael tries to bring out the playful side of sexy spray artist, Jillian, by juggling paint cans for her. Jillian is game and she lets Michael juggle her natural sweet breasts before getting into some serious art on her shaved pussy, which can handle more than one finger! Jillian's mouth happily handles Michael's dick and balls. More fun is had when she hops on for some bouncy cowgirl then doggy style followed by some very fun mish until Jillian can stand it no more and begs Michael to cum all over her. Michael gladly complies. Dillion likes her art on the edge as she tags an alleyway, and she's doing beautifully until Aaron drives up and surprises her. Unfazed, Dillion shows Aaron how much fun breaking the rules can be, of course that means he will have to take his dick out of his pants so Dillion can give him some "lip service"- my is she sloppy! Then onto the hood of his car, the best place to have doggy and eat pussy too! After that Dillion does some side-saddle cowgirl and a little mish before Aaron loses his edge all over her soft sweet tummy. It IS fun to break the rules! Sometimes an artist needs a fresh canvas to try something different. Luckily for Jayden, Charlotte steps in offering her very fresh canvas. After slipping off each other's panties, the creativity begins! Charlotte starts out tasting Jayden with both her tongue and fingers, then with her glass toy. With all this girl-on-girl sucking, insertions and licking who wouldn't want to become an artist?!

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