Petite Classmates Ember Snow And Natasha Ty Fuck Their Study Buddy

Released at: June 3, 2023 by Real Girls Fuck
My petite classmates, Ember Snow and Natasha Ty, invited me over to study at their place. They were two of the hottest girls in school and I couldn't say no. It didn't help that they always wore short plaid skirts and had the perkiest tits. When I finally made it over, oh my god, I couldn't take my eyes off of them. They had the same short skirts on and they had to have been teasing me. Suddenly, they came out of their room and jumped on me. They said they always wanted to fuck me and found me so hot. I couldn't get myself away and my cock was already throbbing. They both pulled it out and slid it into their mouth, sharing and swapping spit. Later, they hopped onto it and rode my thick dick until they got it soaked with pussy juice. They kept on sharing my dick until I covered the two of them with cum.

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