Phoenix Rising

Released at: March 22, 2022 by Bob's Videos
Phoenix Ray, radiant with the flush of youth at 19, is a dream materialized: willow tall and thin, plump real breasts and firm round backside. Shaved and pink she'll take you on a double ride to watch both of her orgasms, the first with a favorite toy, the second all fingers and squishy wet pussy. Justine Romee, as hot and horny as any healthy woman should be, is petite, bronze skinned and brown eyed...a soft round package of feminine perfection. Her opening scene is in stockings and strappy sandals, all lotion and sensual inspiration. Her second scene in all sheer pantyhose has her play a penetrating Cinderella with the heel of her shoe...only to end up playing the full monty with a Paul Bunyon sized toy...guaranteed to have you "rising". Finally Tasha Hunter, a brunette college coed, is tall and poised, and as full and ripe and abundantly endowed as you could wish. You'll love her teasy smile and hairy, natural snatch. You'll be the first to join her study group, and eaves drop as she reads and strips to lingerie and beyond.

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