Pick A Hole

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Palm Beach Video
Pick a hole, any hole, and plug it! This video is made up of three portions. Scene 1 is a gangbang featuring a mature blonde who wishes to get gangbanged by four Elvises. Her age is no obstacle as she tackles several swollen cocks at once. At no point does she tire of being stuffed by one, two, or three Elvi. It is the wonder...the wonder of goo. The second scene, also a gangbang, features a younger slutty housewife who wants to get gangbanged on her anniversary. Do not be fooled by the innocent look on her face at the beginning of the scene. Before long, she'll be completely filled out. The final scene is a cute short haired brunette who just wants to get gangbanged. She is dick hungry and insatiable.

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Scene3: 00:45:34 - 01:12:32 (26:58)