Pick Up Lines #11

Released at: November 20, 2000 by Silverstone Entertainment
Another edition of **Pick Up Lines** and another chance to witness some young girls doing it all for the camera! First up is French belle Liza Harper, who checks out Peter North's new boat, then checks out Peter himself! Avalon and Devin DeMoore are up next, cruising around Beverly Hills in their sports car. They get hungry on their long drive and decide to pull off to the side of the road for some much anticipated pussy munching! They catch Mr. Lucky peeping on them and invite him over to blow some air in his "tire"! Maya and Nicolette are in Bel Air playing near a pool, when studly pool boy Alex Sanders decides in might be a good time to dive into some fun! Back in Beverly Hills, Cassidy is having trouble reving up her her Rolls Royce, so along comes Steve Drake to rev up Cassidy. Leanna Heart and Vince are doing some aerobics by the pool when they both decide to exercise all of their parts. Billy Glide shows up to join in on the action. Finally, Liza, Dorthy, Frank and Peter get together for an orgy to conclude this sizzling volume of sexual fun!

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