Pick Up Lines #12

Released at: December 4, 2000 by Silverstone Entertainment
Xena cruises through Beverly Hills with Peter North in his new BMW. Pretty soon, Xena is so turned on that she decides to shift the gears...the ones belonging to Peter. She starts giving him a blowjob, and Peter can't get home fast enough so he can take Xena into the bedroom for some additional fun! Vince is shooting Tabitha Stevens when Tabitha and her friend, Vanessa, decide Vince has something else he needs to shoot, and quickly start tag-teaming his large cock. Later, the threesome moves indoors for some more fun. Toni James is out in the woods fooling around with Steve Drake. She leads him out to a nearby tennis court, where she encourages Steve to serve up his balls. The two later wind up hot-tubbing it, as Toni gets some action in the backdoor, and Steve eventually gets to cum in her face. Leeanna Heart is taking a bath when she is interrupted by Alex Sanders. Alex wastes no time in making sure that Leeanna is cleaned off with his tongue. Next up, Brooke Ashley is taking some time to relax in her sauna. Jeremy Steele comes over and suddenly the temperature in the sauna has increased! She goes down on his tool, and then they head back to his place for some additional heat! Peter North is back in the next segment, as he joins the lovely Sandra for a bath. Peter is feeling extra dirty, so he plans to spend as much time in the tub with this lovely lady as possible. Lana Sands and Maria Sanchez are up next as two girls who get into some lesbian loving in a jacuzzi. Oliver shows up to try and put the two dykes back on the straight path. Finally, Peter and Xena team back up for one final session, which concludes with Peter shooting his cream all over Xena's willing face!

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