Pick Up Lines #14

Released at: January 30, 2001 by Silverstone Entertainment
Brand new brunette Casey, a lean, tan brunette, joins Airin in a luxury hotel suite to watch the newest **Pick Up Lines**scenes... Driving in her car, curvaceous, spunky blonde Margo catches the attention of Vince, who's riding with his buddy. Right on the street she picks him up, and he jumps into her car. Back at her palatial estate they get it on right on the hood of her car, and they wind up in a steamy standing fuck! Next, the lost Steve gets lucky when he chooses Leanna's place to ask for directions. The gorgeous, Petite, buxom spirit invites him in to use the phone, and she's very respective when he decides to pick up on her. In her Santa Barbara home, exotic Brazilian cutie Louise oils herself up by the Jacuzzi. Randy comes along to help her with those difficult to reach spots, and she rewards him by letting him fuck her up the ass! Back in Beverly Hills, Billy is shooting hoops when Chrissy, a petite Asian with full breasts strolls by. He follows her to the gazebo, where he literally picks her up and fucks her! Voluptuous black beauty Jordan is sunning herself when repairman Jeremy happens by to fix a fountain. Without hesitation or pretension, she asks him directly if he'd like to fuck her in the butt. He would! At the bar in his Beverly hills Estate, Sean has a drink with Vivienne, our auburn-haired covered doll. Her teasing leads them into some delicious sucking and fucking. All that sloppy, tasty **Pick Up Lines**footage leaves pretty Casey hot for Airin's bone. He provides it, satisfying her in many positions. Seven Luscious Scenes, Seven Stunning Facial Cum Shots.

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