Pick Up Lines #15

Released at: March 20, 2001 by Silverstone Entertainment
Cruising through Beverly Hills in her new Mercedes convertible, statuesque blonde Avalon spots adorable black Mocha (21" waist and a bubble butt!) and picks her up. Kissing and titty play lead to butt worship and pussy licking, but just as the girls are climaxing, in come Mr. Lucky and Sean with the new PICK IP LINES footage...Comely, adorable blonde Margo sunbathes nude on her yacht in Marina Del Rey. Docked next door is Peter, whom Margo picks up with the old suntan lotion routine. Back at his outdoor barbecue. Coral Sands, a tall and beautiful brunette, visits the new home of bodacious Nici and Oscar. Lucky Oscar gets to watch the girls kissing and eating each other's pussy, till he joins them for a nasty threesome that includes lustful Nici enjoying a deep anal fucking. Quite a housewarming! Next, meet Raylene, a brand new girl with dusky Mediterranean looks and gorgeous breasts. She and Steve get very wet in the bathtub; he eats her from behind before she sits on his meat as he balances on the edge of the tub. Her tits are so marvelous, he unloads his jism on them instead of her face! In her kitchen, Julian sneaks up on lovely blonde Brittany. She loves blowing him and getting her pussy and butthole licked, till they fuck right on the kitchen island. He loves cumming on her chiseled features and high cheek bones! Auburn-haired, innocent-looking Holli finds Alex in his backyard, and he soon finds his cock in her back door. Her love of deep anal sex in many positions proves she's not so innocent! Of course, all that breathtaking footage puts hot passion in the air, so Avalon and Mocha ravish (and get ravished by) their two studs in a thoroughly climatic four-way that will leave you breathless! Seven Scenes! Stunning Girl-Girl, Anal Threesome & Group Footage. Six Creamy Cum Facials!

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