Pick Up Lines #17

Released at: May 29, 2001 by Silverstone Entertainment
Adorable California blonde Toni and Hispanic beauty Maya interrupt their poolside muff-diving action to watch colt's hot new copy of PICK UP LINES. It doesn't take long for the on-screen action to begin as Thai knockout Shawnee blows Steve while he drives his new Mustang. They pull up to Steve's driveway, where he eats her pussy and fucks her doggie-style. Next, we find Margo bathing her lavish jacuzzi. Washing her back Peter decides she's no clean enough, and proceed to wash her ass and cunt with his mouth. All that cleaning's in vain, however, as he soon finds her in a variety of positions. It's a sunny day an d Sam is polishing his big blue motorcycle when hot Latin dish Crystal grabs his dick. What's a guy to do but slurp her slit and stuff his cock in her ass? Anal action abounds as Sam plays rump ranger while crystal rides him like a cowgirl. Cut to Puerto Rican nymphette, Dee, who finds herself in distress in waterfall-laden cave. Here-in-he-buff Alex saves the day, bringing her home to Vince. The grateful Dee rewards them by letting the boys use her as a pin cushion for their pricks. She's so grateful, in fact, that she lets her hero fuck her in the ass. Exotic Asian Brooke joins in for some double-popping fun. More poolside plundering occurs when Peter catches chocolately delicious cover girl Bridgette, who is trying to play hard-to-get. It's not hard for Peter to get his mouth on her pussy, though, after which she swallows his schlong and he slams it to her from behind. After all these voyeuristic video ventures, Maya Toni and Colt are as hot as asphalt on a summer day, and a nasty three-way fuck and suck-fest leaves all three sticky and satisfied. Six Scintillating Scenes & Seven Facial Cum Shots!

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