Pick Up Lines #18

Released at: June 18, 2001 by Silverstone Entertainment
Tantalizing Taren Steele checks out the new PICK UP LINES with Billy Glide. They're treated to a plethora of poolside passion and sex-filled scenarios. It may take two to tango, but Steve Drake, Avalon and Jessie James find that three can be a throbbing thrill. Margo Stevens and Alex Sanders have so much fun cleaning themselves that they'll need a shower afterwards, especially after an extra-sensual 69! Bartender Vince Vouyer serves Alexis and Monique just about the stiffest drink he can conCOCKt. Still not satisfied, Alexis drags J.T. Valentine by his manhood to a couch inside, where she gives him a ride he won't soon forget! Peter North takes Dee for a test drive on the hood of his slick Mercedes. All worked up from this voyeuristic venture, Taren and Billy catch Frank Towers sneaking a dip in their swimming pool, and the boys double-team the dirty blonde. Sex Sexy Scenes Two Action-Filled Anals Four Foamy Facials!

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