Pick Up Lines #67

Released at: December 4, 2002 by Silverstone Entertainment
**Katja Love** What a stunning body and full breasts! While getting her butt fucked doggie style, our irrepressible covergirl plays with her clit feverishly! **Suzy** What a wild woman! The stellar body of this dark-eyed, auburn-haired exhibitionist looks best as she sits her butthole down on a dick. **Daniele** Dark skin, blonde hair, petite and sweet. But when it comes to sex, she's no angel! **Thais** Her hair and skin are as dark as her desires. Her long legs and enticing titties excite her dark lover! **Mia** This blue-eyed, sandy-haired hottie just loves taking it up the ass. But her greatest pleasure comes form making her man enjoy himself. **Barbi & Larissa ** It's hard to top a pair of round-assed beauties. Barbi fingers herself watching blonde Larissa get her butt reamed. Her own turn will cum!

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