Pick Up Lines #68

Released at: November 26, 2002 by Silverstone Entertainment
**Suzy:** Hot blooded Latina sates her voracious sexual appetite with a pair of well-hung studs. They take turns in her mouth, pussy and ass! **Tawny:** Under the sun and over the blue pacific, our surfer/model covergirl swallows all of her man's meat and he bangs her shaved pussy from behind. **Luana:** After chasing this voluptuous babe around a lush jungle resort, a big-dicked stud gives her an outdoor servicing. **Moon:** She strips out of her red bikini for a mid-day Jacuzzi. Passionate anal sex really heats things up! **Sheila:** An Hungarian lingerie model enjoys an oral double-dicking. She trades off the dicks and balls of her pair of studs, till they erupt on her mouth and tits! **Jessica:** When this blonde's all natural 38DD boobs allure a man on a nature hike, nature takes it's course. Nothing beats a nasty butt-fucking in the woods!

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