Pick Up Lines #9

Released at: October 24, 2000 by Silverstone Entertainment
By the swimming pool at a house in Santa Barbara, petite brunette Leanna Heart gives dark-haired French girl Liza Harper a birthday present - a custom dildo. Leanna Hart has her own, and the two girls work themselves to climax. Then they notice Frank looking at a video monitor across the pool. The three of them take a look at the latest Pick Up Lines video footage... Driving his pristine Harley, Steve spots thin blonde European Aleksandra waiting for a bus. He picks her up with eye contact alone! They ride back to Steve's place and get after it right on the cycle, before moving to many acrobatic fuck positions. Beautiful black Midori sunbathes at her house in the Hollywood Hills. Seeing Michael J. Cox hosing down the pool area, she imposes on him to put suntan lotion on her butt. Soon he's hosing her down! Her butt needs more than lotion, so he fucks it good. By another pool, cute little asian Brooke eats the divine pussy of statuesque new blonde Avalon. After returning the favor, Avalon surprises Brooke with a blindfolded boy-toy! They have their way with him in grand style. Next, businessman Peter North's car has broken down. Mila, a petite blond Russian Barbie Doll, gives him a ride to her Pacific Palisades home so he can use the phone. He winds up using Mila instead, overlooking the ocean and then in the kitchen. This scene widnws up with a strong anal fucking and a stunning cum shot to her wide-open mouth. In Topanga Mountains, mountain hiker Buck asks cover girl Bridgette if he can cool off in her pool. Instead, he heats up her pussy. ... Naturally, Leanna and Liza are turned on by all that video- they just have to get it on with Frank, so this heated threesome enjoys multiple fuck/suck positions and a splendid double blow-job. **As always, each splashy scene climaxes with an awesome facial cum shot!**

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