Pick Up Lines Number 27

Released at: August 4, 2011 by Silverstone Entertainment
What is it that makes Pick Up Lines the sexiest video series around? It's the gorgeous girls, of course! The hottest up-and-cumming starlets can always be found here. First up, pretty and pierced Sabrina Johnson gets her ass impaled by Steve Drake in slick black Jacuzzi. Euro-tarts Nakita Cash and Petra dine on each other, and then play with a strap-on dildo in a Rolls Royce convertible. Bodacious blondie Taylor Moore takes Alex Sanders in her rear pocket over a pool table. On the basketball court, sexy little cheerleader Leanni lei shows her team spirit for Mr. Marcus, Byron Long and Lance. What follows is an interracial gang bang that's not to be missed. Melanie stone dances for Frank Towers, making him rock hard. Her moves are so arousing and sexy that he has no choice but to fuck the hell out of her. Finally, wispy Destiny gets manhandled by Lance, who makes love to her nine ways to Sunday. All those delicious babes ... all that glossy, hard-core action ... you won't find such luxurious lust anywhere but "Pick Up Lines".

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