Play Me A Sex Song

Released at: January 28, 2008 by Gourmet Video
They say that music soothes the savage beast, but when this tantalizing tune is played, it brings out the bestial best in everyone who hears it! Jerry Butler stars as a struggling musician who hits upon the perfect song_the moment anyone hears it, they can't help but turn into raging sexual animals. He tries out his new number on an interracial couple who come knocking at his door looking for directions. One note from his tune, though, and they're stripping down and getting down like nobody's business. Even his sultry next-door neighbor can't resist treating herself to a little lascivious self-help when she catches a bit of the tune wafting through the paper-thin walls! Jerry's flaming gay neighbor gets turned into straight shooting he-man when he gets an earful, instantly jumping into the arms of a leggy lust bunny. Jerry finally seals the deal when he plays the song over the telephone to his manager, whose marital troubles with his wife are forgotten at the sound of it! Fast-paced fun featuring some of the hottest starlets of the day, including Amber Lynn!

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