Playgirls Of Munich

Released at: May 10, 2016 by VCX
Join in the sexcapades with dozens of naughty Bavarian frauleins! Zebedy Colt and Roger Cain, the Laurel and Hardy of adult films, play two mixed-up American telephone repairmen who stow away on a plane and end up parachuting out over Munich, Germany, during the Olympics. Dead broke, the guys meet up with a lovely young fraulein who gets them a job, but not before introducing them to sex - German style! It's one riotous mishap after another as the bumbling buffoons go from job to job, and girl to girl in an attempt to make enough cash to get back to the States. But with all the blazing bratwurst and hot wenches these guys have on their hands, who'd want to go back? Actually shot on location in Munich, this is a slap-happy sex vid that will keep you in stitches, even as it drives you wild!

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