Playtime Nudes Presents: Carli Banks 2

Released at: April 25, 2012 by Playtime Video
Back to give you a heart attack, hot Carli Banks poses in her black swimsuit and thigh highs as she sways over you pumping her fist. She pulls the suit off to the side and teases "Do you like my pussy"? Sexy teasing as she bends and spreads for you "naughty boys". She takes off her swimsuit and spreads her pussy wide, "Do you want to cum all over me"? She towers over you and sticks her finger inside her slit and offers you a taste. She takes you alone and jams the lens close to her wet snatch before sucking off an 8" vibrator, then jams it inside her steaming hole as she comes, then licks it clean! Next, up on the table in a black maid's outfit with lace top stocking, Carli asks you to get dirty. "I don't have any panties on," as she bends over for you. "Are you nice and hard for me?" Sweet spreads as she stands right above you rubbing her bald box. Uniform and bra off, she grabs the camera and holds the lens against her gash as she fingers herself. She loves the taste of her sweet juices as she states, "Cum for me, too." Two fingers disappear as she moans with pleasure and humps your face. Finally, Carli plays on the bed in white shorts, "Are you ready to fuck your girlfriend?" As she wants you now! She rubs her perfect tits. Hot up-shots as she turns over you before and after the panties disappear. She holds her slit open and asks, "Is this where you want to cum?" She fingers herself and licks them clean as her juices glisten. "Stick your big dick inside me!" as she pumps her fist. She stabs her pussy with a huge 10" dildo as she cums again for you.

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