Playtime Nudes Presents: Samanatha Ryan

Released at: January 29, 2008 by Playtime Video
"I want you to hurt yourself for me!" Samantha's back & Ready to make you Pay for Your Addiction! 3 Scenes with Finger & Toy Masturbation Action! Samantha has never been so incredibly Vicious or looked so Deadly! You will not believe the non-stop filthy, Devilish talk from this Gorgeous Blonde Vixen! Relentless Verbal Humiliation! Little Dick! Strap On! Fuck Your Love Doll! Finger Your Ass! Scream My Name! Point and Cum Commands! Constant Belittling! Real Life Commands! On & On! If you Want? Samantha Will Destroy You, No Joke!!! WARNING: This Video is for Extreme Humiliation Fans Only! Samantha's a schoolgirl in red knee-high socks, red polo top and matching red panties. But she ain't sweet. "I'm going to kick your little asses today!" Lots of up skirt peeks and J/O motions as she belittles you and your tiny penis. "I bet you've cum over and over, you can't even hold it!" Samantha makes you abuse yourself as you worship her tan, lean body. "Stick as many fingers up your ass as you can," she demands. Reclining on the sofa, Samantha pulls out a long glass dildo. "You're just dying to see this go inside of me," she teases. Constant verbal abuse as she rams her shaved kitty to orgasm. Then she licks the toy clean. Next, Samantha poses in matching purple lingerie. "Keep stroking that tiny dick," she taunts, telling you to put on your own panties. "How many times are you going to cum for me, you little bitch?" She berates you non-stop as she strips down and spreads her bare box. "You might as well be a girl," she laughs before strapping on a huge penis-shaped cock and humiliating you further. "Why don't you get your own to suck? I want you to fuck your own ass." To finish you, Samantha pounds two fingers into her wet snatch and bangs herself to completion. Then she flips you off! Final scene, Samantha's in her bedroom in a bright pink baby doll nightie. She flashes her panties and mocks you as you stroke. "Do your friends know you have a little cock?" Plenty of upshot poses and point-and-cum commands. Stripping down, she squeezes her titties while berating you non-stop. "I'm your sweetie, aren't I? You're so weak." Samantha makes you abuse yourself for her amusement. "Shove your fingers up your asshole and taste them!" Back on the bed, she slams a thick cock-shaped vibrator in and out of her trim snatch. Relentless JO instruction as she penetrates herself. "Fuck that love doll with your tiny little dick," she insists. Close-ups of her glossy lips as she licks the toy clean, leaving you drained and spent. "You're such a sick little pervert!"

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