Please Dominate Me

Released at: September 5, 2018 by California Star Productions
Anastasia is anxious for her session with Mistress Gemini to begin. Calling her into her quarters her red lingerie is quickly rumpled as ties are laid across her soft skin. A hogtie and ball gag are used to subdue her. Anastasia is the asked to change into a black leather fetish outfit, which leaves nothing to the imagination. Taken to her knees, an intricate tie is used to bind her arms behind her back. She is left to struggle a bit as Mistress Gemini travels to her dungeon to check on another slave, Paige who has been waiting for her arrival. Paige is tied tightly across a cage. Anastasias position is changed and she is tied using a spreader bar, an inflatable gag and nipple suction clamps are used to further her pleasure. Shortly thereafter Mistress Gemini considers that her session is over and sends Anastasia on her way and Paige is placed back in her cage. Domination has never been so much fun.

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