Pleasure Spot

Released at: March 10, 2001 by I-Candy
Luscious Melissa (Gina Carrera) and her always eager boyfriend Tom (Kevin James) have a problem ... believe me, they've got a problem! It seems that Melissa has been overlooked in the standard factory equipment department. Having never had an orgasm in her life, lecherous Dr. Safirstein (Herschel Savage), conducts a more than intimate inspection ... to astonishingly discover Melissa's missing her PLEASURE SPOT. Not to worry. Dr. Safirstein knows a gal (Patti Petite) who has TWO! Making medical (not to mention sexual) history, the good doctor performs a Pleasure Spot transplant! In no time at all Melissa is coming and going, and coming and coming! In a carnal cornucopia of delicious sexual escapades, Malissa makes up for lost time. Ultimately she ends up in a frantic four-way with Candy and Mandy (Bunny Bleu and Barbie Blake), those ever practical practical nurses, and Tome. Delirious with pleasure, Tom wonders out loud if he can keep up with his now nymphomaniac girlfriend. He may need a transplant of his own!

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Bunny Bleu