Poolroom Paddling & Alternative Entertainment

Released at: January 10, 2008 by California Star Productions
In Poolroom Paddling, a local pool shark bets his girlfriend that if she wins a game he will buy her a very expensive dress. But if she loses she must suffer the corporal punishment he so lovingly desires. She loses, of course, and so begins the hand spankings! When he tells her that a caning still gets the money she wants, she agrees and soon follows with some hard thwacks with a swishy cane. He knows that when she wears that sexy dress she will always be reminded of this encounter. And in Alternative Entertainment, a husband and wife get in a heated argument when she forgets to pick up his tuxedo for an important party that weekend. He then tells her how totally useless she is and this is followed by a hand spanking across the knee. Further hard spankings are done with several paddles and a riding crop. In the end comes the cane. This is one day this wife will never forget!

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