Pornological 2

Released at: May 21, 2002 by Shane's World
Life is an Experiment! In this volume we meet a real amateur couple who are striving to make it in the rock music biz. They're like eighteen years old and all they like to do in their words is fuck and make music. We've gotten alot of email about this girl. She's a real cutie. We also introduce a segment called "The Ultimate Fucking Championship". The rules of this game are simple...the first person to cum loses. For those of you who are fans of Charlie, she presents her true life boyfriend, Dante. Speaking of email, alot of girls have written to us about Dante. They want to know more about this "hottie". It's really interesting to see how comfortable Charlie and Dante are with each other. You'll also find two girls and a guy and the French master of love...Pierre. You will especially enjoy this video if you like young couples, anal sex, three-ways, feet, doggie style, and rock music.

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