Pornological 3

Released at: October 23, 2002 by Shane's World
This is the third in the series, and while it is short on production values, it is long in the areas that count the most, including the male stars. Note: all of the non-oral penetration is done with the men wearing condoms. You can look at that one of three ways: you admire it, you hate it, or you don't care. Charmaine, a pretty Asian girl, starts things off with a long, long blowjob, followed by several positions of hard boning. The second scene is a particular male fantasy: getting picked up by a car full of horny girls you've never met, who pull you over and give you head and hand jobs. The girls discuss who to pick up and what they're going to do. If this is set up, they do it very well, because they appear to really pick up strange men and, around and do them. Stryk-9 (female) and Anastasia discuss anal sex and how Stryk-9 can perform "The Gape," which has to do with what she does with her butt after having it filled for a while. She actually says, "It's your ass on the line." needless to say, Anastasia gets to try out her instructions, and Stryk-9 gets to demonstrate. Sky, a cute, thin little thing demonstrates her talented mouth later on, in an extended blowjob. And then McKayla tells us she's 18 and that this is her first adult performance. We want to believe her, really we do. She gives feet to completion, and then shows us how much she likes more regular sex. Shane, a star in her own right, directs all of the videos Pornological series.

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