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Released at: February 3, 2022 by Brazzers
Appointment with Dr Jiggles: What begins as a routine dental cleaning and checkup for Jax Slayher quickly takes a turn for the better when Dr. Jiggles (Josyln James) and her assistant (Harley King) get Jax in the chair and subject him to their perverted whim. Rather than cleaning his teeth, these two babes are more interested in cleaning his cock with their mouths and pussies, draining every last bit of his cum in a wild threesome that'll leave him wishing for a follow up appointment as soon as possible! Oiling Up Her Leather-Clad Ass: Ginebra Belucci's ass is a sight to be seen, with her leather pants wrapped tightly around her perfect curves, and Jesus Reyes can't take his eyes off her! Ginebra wants Jesus to do more than just look at her though - she wants him to worship her ass and cover it in oil, leading to an intense anal fucking! Paige Gets Ripped: Before taking Jax Slayher's big cock in her ass, Paige warms herself up with a vibrator, her pussy dripping through her blue sheer leggings. Now that she's wet, horny, and ready for a hardcore anal fucking, Paige welcomes Jax's dick in all her holes, including the big one left in her leggings after he rips them apart! Kendra Glitters In Gold: Kendra Sunderland looks stunning in a shiny little bikini that barely covers her big natural tits. As great as she looks in her swimsuit, Kendra can't wait to be stripped naked and fucked by Ricky Johnson's big hard cock, wanting every inch of it deep in her mouth and wet pussy! Free Use & Pussy Juice: Candid Violet Myers is deeply invested in a video game, when her boyfriend tries to get lucky with her. He plays with her pussy, waves his dick around, but nothing he does seems to distract her from her game. The now horny Violet has ideas of her own when her guy is gone, and humps a nearby cushion, dripping her creamy pussy juices all over it. Chris Baccwood, their roommate, sees all of this playout without being noticed. Emboldened, he decides he's got what it takes to try his luck with his roomie. It doesn't take long before Violet decides to get some big dick action behind her boyfriend's back. Naughty Roommate Knows How to Have Fun: If there's one thing sacred in naughty Madi Collins' morning routine, it's her dildo riding session while she's taking a shower. Nothing will stop her from bouncing on her latex best friend, not even her roommate, Ricky Johnson, who desperately needs to brush his teeth before going to work. After waiting for a while in front of the bathroom door, fed up Ricky breaks-in. Madi's so invested in her little sex game that she's oblivious to the now nearby roomie, who stares at her in shock. Will Ricky interrupt Madi in her favorite activity in order to reclaim the bathroom, or will he just watch, patiently waiting for the beautiful roommate to climax? It seems like the latest option is the best, especially when he realizes her lusty roommate fantasizes about him.

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