Released at: December 9, 2022 by Charlie Forde
Twas the day before All Hallows, and Charlie comes home with a present that she's not sure if she's going to regret. Pulling out a Ouija board, Charlie suggests they should summon a ghost. Kellie, panicked, decides to leave to get snacks. Salem on the other hand thinks the whole thing is a laugh and is down to play. But oh how wrong she will be. After accidentally summing an evil sex ghost who possesses them, Charlie and Salem choke, spit on and squirt all over Kellie before fisting her pussy deep. After making her cum, the demon makes Kellie fist it through Charlie's body. Frantic, dark, wet and stormy sex is exactly what this ghost wanted and exactly what it got. That is, until Kellie slaps it out of their bodies.

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