POV Cuckold Vol. 25

Released at: August 12, 2013 by Roman Video
She's blonde and she's bad! Teen seductress Emily Austin is your cold, wicked Stepdaughter, and she masturbates while plotting to cuckold you and turn you into her Step dad bitch cuckold! When you walk in on her naked, you're already doomed. Before you know it, your cock is in her hands and her mouth. You're terrified of being discovered by your wife but your stepdaughter's oral skill has you enslaved. You say you'll do anything for her... but you start to come to your senses when she asks you to buy her a new car! She SLAPS YOUR DICK brutally and soon you're promising her everything, including a car. Thrilled by her new power over you, she makes you wear her PANTYHOSE while she continues to SUCK YOUR COCK. She sits on your face and complains about your inability to eat pussy. You lie back and she climbs on top. You eagerly fuck her as she tells you all the ways she now owns you and all the things you now need to buy for her. She's turned you into a willing sissy bitch. Emily locks up your dick in a CHASTITY DEVICE for three weeks. One night she comes home from a date with her boyfriend, her pussy leaking a huge amount of semen into her panties. She orders you to lap up the nasty creampie and clean the goo from her panties... or else she'll tell her mom about you! Later Emily FUCKS her big dick boyfriend while you watch helplessly. She taunts you, humiliates you, makes your life hell as she writhes in ecstasy on a much bigger and better cock than yours. She CUMS as her boyfriend pounds her in multiple positions. Eventually he blasts his hot load into her. She unlocks your cock and you obediently suck her boyfriend's sperm from her freshly fucked hole. Not convinced that you're getting all of it, she sits on your face and lets it flow down into your mouth. Think you've suffered enough? Emily doesn't. She forces you suck her STRAP-ON DILDO! She puts LIPSTICK on you and makes you gag on her big rubber dick. Finally she allows you to fuck her one last time, only to make you lick up your own cum.

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