POV Cuckold Vol. 26

Released at: August 12, 2013 by Roman Video
You've been under the power of your crazy, blonde stepdaughter, Leya Falcon, since you married her mother. But now she shows you just how warped she really is. She orders you into her room where she wears a strap-on dildo and nothing else. First, Leya gets on her knees and demonstrates how she wants you to suck her cock. She gives you the most incredible blowjob you've ever had, deepthroating it until you nearly cum. Then she orders you to the floor and makes you suck her strap-on. She slaps your cock until you agree to all her demands. She locks you in chastity and smacks your caged cock even more. She puts you in pantyhose and continues the penile tease. She sits on top of you and grinds her pussy on your chastity encased dick moaning as she grinds her pussy on your locked cock. Later, she returns from a date with a slimy creampie dripping out of her pussy. She insists you lap it up or she won't unlock you from chastity. You obey. On her bed, she sits on your face and lets even more sperm drain into your mouth. She slaps your penis like crazy until you can't take any more. Leya brings home her boyfriend and fucks him while you watch from the corner. His bigger, better cock drives her to repeated orgasms as she gets rammed in multiple positions. She verbally humiliates you as you watch, and when her boyfriend fills her with cum, she commands you to suck it out of her. She tells you that she'll release you from your dick prison and let you fuck her sloppy, stretched out pussy, but first she tortures you by sucking the chastity device instead of your cock. Finally she lets you out and allows you to fuck her. She can't feel your tiny cock, but you certainly can feel her boyfriend's semen. She mocks your attempt to fuck like a real man. Before you can cum, she has a surprise for you. Leya puts the strap-on dildo back on and makes you suck it like the sissy bitch that you are. You lube it up with your spit, then lie back and spread your legs for her. She proceeds to fuck you in the ass with her strap-on! You receive her big cock in your asshole like the sissy bitch that you are until you finally cum in shameful, volcanic ecstasy!

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