Prime Cups Vol. 8

Released at: March 31, 2010 by Evil Angel - Raul Cristian
Close-ups of oiled fleshy orbs, impossibly natural huge boobs on small-waisted girls with stunning faces, girls bouncing them for maximum jiggle effect, fish-eye camera angles so close you can feel the mounds touching your face... Director Raul must be a breast-man because he knows exactly what tit fanatics want. Seven gorgeous girls, including fan favorite juggy Jessica Moore in a spa session that climaxes with her breasts drenched in cum so she can massage them slowly while slurping up every drop she can possibly retrieve while her pretty blue eyes look right at you with that naughty nymph grin. All told, four of our seven lovelies engage in seriously hard fucking with an emphasis on anal, positions that feature swinging breasts, plenty o' tit-fucking and a feast of cum splattered boobs and smiling Euro girls who are proud of their fleshy front sides. Sylvi takes on three studs who pound every hole in her body so furiously you think her boobs are going to fling off her torso. Sylvi gets the cumshots evenly distributed: one on each tit, and one in the mouth for good measure. Students of solo sex are treated to three separate sequences of titillating tease by the camera savvy sexpots who then reward the viewer with a host of self-pleasuring objects including cucumbers, bananas, glass dildos and more... All the lucky in animates get a throat slurping lube-job, a snug ride in cramped cleavage and finally, deep immersion in soaking wet pussies as a prelude to real female orgasms ranging from delicious moans to ferocious shuddering screams. The disc includes bonus footage and photo slideshow.

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